Authentic. Luxury. Untouched. THAREN Gold offers the world’s purest and most superior quality virgin hair; procured directly from the magnificent Republic of India and the exotic regions of Southeast Asia. Exceptional quality and outstanding durability are signature traits that distinguish THAREN Gold from the status quo.

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Always Custom-Made. <br /> Never Mass-Produced.

Always Custom-Made.
Never Mass-Produced.

THAREN Gold clip-ins are never mass-produced. Sharp attention to every detail ensures impeccable quality of our custom-crafted pieces. Every clip-in set is tailor-made to suit your individual preference. Our clips are thoroughly coated in organic polymer, to ensure superior comfort and hold, when attached to your natural hair. To guarantee a long-lasting grip, we’ve reinforced our innovative wefts to act as a strong base to securely hold our clips.

Turn up the Volume.

Turn up the Volume.

Our clip-ins can be customized to five individual volumes. Whether you feel like playing coy, or making a grand statement, THAREN Gold clip-ins will instantly transform your look. We’ve created our clip-ins to be effortlessly applied in just over 60 seconds. With fewer clips and a reinforced base, extending your beauty has never been faster or easier.

Experience Life in Vivid Brilliance.

Experience Life in Vivid Brilliance.

We capture the essence of beautiful hair by using the most exclusive hair color lines in the world. Tharen hair is never pre-colored. To ensure an exquisite and one-of-a-kind final product, Tharen’s master colorists individually blend all custom and signature colors. Our colorists create colors exclusively for you after your order is placed, using only the highest-quality professional products available worldwide.

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