The pinnacle of luxury. THAREN Black is the most sought-after hair on earth. This hair arrives to you in its natural state – untouched, unprocessed, with all cuticles aligned and intact. Tharen straight hair is fine as silk; procured directly from European Russia. Our wavy hair is exceptionally soft and glossy; procured directly from Western Europe – namely the historically rich and beautiful countries of Italy and Spain. THAREN Black is not to be confused with hair sourced from Asian parts of Russia.

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Innovation That Sticks.

Innovation That Sticks.

We’ve designed Tharen tape-ins using state-of-the-art, innovative technology. Unlike other tape-in extensions, Tharen has created a new tape design, with a slimmer, reinforced base on our 1.5” piece wefts. This revolutionary method removes all the bulk typically seen with tape-in extensions. This allows your tape-in extensions to lay flatter – offering you a completely realistic application.



Our tape-ins are remarkably lightweight, outstandingly secure and best of all, they are invisible to the naked eye. Tharen experts have worked endlessly to combine the flattest tape design, the strongest adhesive formula and the most flexible strips, while causing absolutely no damage to your natural hair. The lifespan of Tharen tape-Ins is unmatched. One application can last up to 3 months, however, your tape-ins can be re-used for up to 2 years; making them a highly rewarding investment!

Note: Tharen tape-in extensions must be applied by a licensed cosmetologist, trained in applying tape-in products.

Experience Life in Vivid Brilliance.

Experience Life in Vivid Brilliance.

We capture the essence of beautiful hair by using the most exclusive hair color lines in the world. Tharen hair is never pre-colored. To ensure an exquisite and one-of-a-kind final product, Tharen master colorists individually blend all custom and signature colors. Our colorists create the color exclusively for you after your order is placed, using only the highest-quality professional products available worldwide.

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